Africa hosts a stunning variety of birds and most of our regular safari destinations support hundreds of different species. The Whip Poor Will Gallatin is exciting, friendly, small-group birding tours designed and guided by a team of guides and office staff whose professionalism, experience and knowledge are unsurpassed. Quality is our watchword and profoundly influences everything that we do. Our guiding philosophy is quite simple: it is to give you, our clients and friends, the very best, most rewarding and most enjoyable birding trips possible: in other words, ‘The Ultimate in Birding Tours’.

Our tours emphasize quality of birding: our primary aim is to guide you to those birds which are truly memorable, localized or hard to find, and often all three. The remarkable field expertise of our guides makes them particularly well equipped to find those sought-after species that are the most important highlights of a successful birding tour. Our carefully planned itineraries and our guides’ special skills, plus our willingness to keep on trying where necessary, have earned us a worldwide reputation for consistently showing those who travel with us an unusually high proportion of the truly special birds, a reputation of which we are very proud.

Knowledge & Experience

We have extensive knowledge and first-hand experience gained from planning our own safaris and arranging several thousand safaris since the 1990s. We have planned many of our own safaris using trusted safari specialists around the world so we know what to look for and expect from high quality safari lodges and camps, activities and guides. Several members of our team have lived in Africa and all our travel consultants travel to Africa on a regular basis to ensure their knowledge is always up to date.

We Specialise in Africa

We specialise in luxury safaris to remote African wilderness areas and we are very familiar with the products and services we recommend. We have been to all of the safari camps and lodges in our portfolio numerous times and during different seasons, so we know all these properties intimately. We keep up to date - on a daily basis - on developments in the various countries, game reserves and safari lodges in our portfolio. We currently based in Africa scouting for new destinations and experiences for our clients and strengthening our longstanding relationships with key players on the African safari circuit.