- Whippoorwill Closed -

Posted on May 22nd,2014

A sad day here in Gallatin as the crown jewel of our downtown closes it’s doors. The Whippoorwill was so unique it can never be duplicated. You couldn’t describe the place because everybody came away with their own individual interpretation. You couldn’t compare it because it stood alone. Loney Fred Hutchins poured more than just his money into the place he poured his soul, and it showed… and you felt it!
I took some out of town friends on a tour there last Thursday and they were floored! When you entered the Whippoorwill you entered another world and one you’d never expect to find in the middle of Gallatin. We can only hope she’ll rise again, if not we can be thankful we shared a golden moment of time well spent on the Gallatin Tennessee square!

—Jeff Preston

Down At The Whippoorwill

Posted on August 5th,2011

Marshall H. McClarnon

This is a song Marshall wrote for Loney Fred Hutchins and The Whipp.
Thanks to Holly Shaw McClarmon for the video!

CLICK HERE – Down At The Whippoorwill